Friday, July 22, 2011

The Problem of the Week Day 5: Week of 7/17 - 7/23

Today, we complete the problem of the week! For the easy equation, you need every variable, while the hard one requires just yesterday's answer.

Easy Problem: Today, it is another experimental probability question. Just to review, you take the amount of things you are looking for and putting it over the amount of things total. Then, convert to hundredths and make a percentage.

If I have p - b Jolly Ranchers with n being blue raspberry and p ÷ 2 being watermelon. If I pull z jolly rancher(s), what are the odds that it will be watermelon? Express answer in a percent.

Hard Problem: To find the area of an ellipse (better known as an oval), you must determine the shortest and longest radius, and find their product. Then, multiply that by π to get your area. Here, round to the nearest tenth.

If your radii are -h cm and -k cm, what is the area of your ellipse? Your answer should be in square centimeters.

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