Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Problem of the Week Day 3: Week of 7/18/12 - 7/22/12

Today is day three of the problem of the week. Good luck!

Easy: For today, I want you to determine what m equals just using the two previous day's answers h and e.

m = 2(h - e)^[(h - e)/2] ÷ (h - e)^[(h + e)/(h - 3)]
m =

Hint: Remember to use the order of operations:

1. Parentheses/Brackets
2. Exponents/Radicals
3. Multiplication/Division
4. Addition/Subtraction

Hard: Take the following sequence:

t, z, z^2/t, ...

If you let this sequence go on all the way to infinity terms and added them ALL up, what would be the sum s?

s =

Hint: The answer is not infinity.

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